Light up the room!

Create the perfect cocktail atmosphere with this amazing Martini glass chandelier!
by peter valois and michael marra of touch design, 2002
Living the cocktail style. 

Tantalizing Manhattan Travel Bar Set

Santa baby, please put this under my tree this year!
Set your martinis in motions with this Tantalizing Manhattan Travel Bar Set. The insulated velvet interior cleverly holds two bottles of your favorite spirits.
It holds:
  • 2 Martini glasses
  • 1 Cocktail shaker
  • 1 Jigger
  • 1 Strainer
  • 1 Twisted mixing spoon
  • 2 Napkins
  • 1 pair of ice tongs
  • 2 cocktail sticks
  • and of course that clever hidden compartment for 2 bottles.
From Amazon here for around £75!